Our Philosophy

Our Philosophythree principles

At T-Style, we strive for complete customer satisfaction and are meticulous about our production methods.
In order to ensure the highest quality control, we promise to always fulfill the following three principles.

Natural Ingredients (No synthetics)

Learning from my own struggles with reactive skin, we choose to use natural ingredients and traditional practices to make safe soap. Crude materials that contain impurities are avoided, regardless of any potential benefit. Natural essential oils are also used instead of artificial fragrances. Besides the use of sodium hydroxide, which is essential in making soap products and found in most cosmetics, we insist on using only all-natural ingredients.

Ease of Use

We pride ourselves on using high-quality, gentle ingredients, but we also consider the question, “What other features do people expect to find in a good bar of soap?” Besides cleansing and moisturizing, our soaps are formulated to create a rich, silky lather and allow for easy preservation. Despite using natural ingredients, MANA BAROSA soaps create a rich, enveloping lather that leaves skin feeling hydrated, and the bar itself does not easily melt away during use. We encourage you to experience it for yourself.

Quality Control

MANA BAROSA soaps are made under strict quality control guidelines. Ingredients, temperature and humidity are closely monitored during production. Each bar is then individually shrink-wrapped, boxed and shrink-wrapped again to preserve its optimal condition. Since we do not use any preservatives, any products remaining after one year of its manufacture date are discarded. These are just some of the procedures we abide by in order to create reliable, trustworthy products and build a strong, long-lasting relationship with our customers.