T-Style Concept

ConceptThe 3 T’s that we promise to deliver.

There are three “T” words that we always take into consideration when selecting our ingredients and production methods.

  ①Trust  (Must produce a trustworthy product)
  ②Truth  (Must use pure materials for a safe product)
  ③Tractable(Must create products that are safe and effective)

photo by romana klee

Trust(Selecting only the choicest ingredients and production methods)

We use time-honored ingredients and materials in order to create a safe and reliable product. For ingredients that are still rare or new to the Japanese market, we carefully research their origins and how they were used in their native environment during our selection process.

photo by Damian Moore

Truth(Using pure ingredients for the purest of products)

At T-Style, the well-being of our customers is our top priority. Rather than succumbing to fads and the latest technological innovations, we embrace the beloved, tried-and-true manufacturing methods that have withstood the test of time. My desire to make a mild, safe soap intensified after years of searching for non-irritating alternatives for my family who reacted negatively to store-bought cleansers. With MANA BAROSA soaps, we hope to deliver relief and peace of mind to those struggling with similar sensitivities.

Tractable(Seek out safe and effective ingredients to create a practical product)

From small children to adults, our priority is to create mild, safe products for all ages. We strive to avoid ingredients that are not all-natural and are constantly searching for safe, beneficial properties that meet our criteria. If new information reveals that an ingredient is not as previously claimed, we will immediately recall and pull the products from our line-up.

These are the three “T’s” that we promise to fulfill. And by doing so, we hope to create a product that will provide relief and comfort to those who struggle with allergies and hypersensitive skin as I have.

With a constant array of new skincare trends, we carefully research claims and seek out only the best ingredients for our soaps.

Our goal is to create a beloved, dependable product that withstands fleeting fads and to build a solid, long-lasting relationship with you.